Social Skills Workbook for Social Anxiety

How to Converse Easily, Make New Friends, and Become More Assertive Even If You Have Social Anxiety

While not everyone with social anxiety struggles with their social skills, research shows that many people miss out on crucial early learning experiences that teach them how to make conversation, make friends, and be assertive. If you've ever wondered how other people make it look so easy, and feel like you're missing some piece of the puzzle, I created this workbook just for you.

Hi friends,

My name is Arlin and I am the founder of I've never been naturally comfortable in social situations but through lots of practice, I've gone from that shy, quiet kid who waited for other kids to befriend her to talking easily, making friends, and even hosting a 100+ person wedding in my backyard! I know some things that I think could help you, and that's why I created this product just for you.

The Social Skills Workbook for Social Anxiety includes the following chapters:

Week 1: How to Start a Conversation

Week 2: What to Talk About & How to Ask Questions

Week 3: How to Listen & How to Change the Topic

Week 4: How to Ask Someone to Do Something

Week 5: How to Keep a Friendship Going

Week 6: How to Talk on the Telephone

Week 7: How to Be Assertive

Week 8: Review

Body Language Cheat Sheet

Fitting In vs. Being Yourself

Video Chat Cheat Sheet

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Social anxiety is the third most common mental health issue but it is poorly understood and under-treated. It is my desire to help those living with social and performance anxiety to make the most of tools already available to them—self-help strategies. You may not know it, but you've already got everything you need to start managing your anxiety. I have a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and first-hand experience in learning to overcome public speaking anxiety. In terms of my past work experience, I've worked in a cognitive-behavioral therapy unit for anxiety and depression and spent four years with a publisher helping to develop psychological assessments for mood and anxiety disorders. I created About Social Anxiety to share what I know works and to give you a plan to succeed.

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